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We supply the following Laboratory Equipment, Chemicals and Reagents

Auto Chemistry Analyzer

Technical Specifications● System FunctionAutomatic, Random AccessSTAT sample priority, available for all sample

Auto Hematology Analyzer
Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

Features: Innovated rich oxygen air-acetylene flame analysistechnique: The patented flame analysis technique

ABBE Digital Refractometer

INE-WYA-2S, ABBE Digital Refractometer Characteristics: Measurement of refractive index nD of transparent

Table Top Autoclaves

STE-TIN, 16 Liter Vacuum Autoclave It adopts B-wclass(prED-13060), with 3-times pre-vacuum preceding

Analytical Balance ASB

Balances Series ASB represent standard level of analytical balances. They are equipped

BOD Meters

BODT-5N, BOD Tester BODT-5N BOD is a new type of instrument for


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Manufactured from USP Class VI resin that is FDA -21CFR compliant for


Crystal clear polymethylpentene (PMP) Blue printed graduations Special no-drip pour spout Graduated

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