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At Proton Scientific Ltd we have variety of well sorted laboratory Chemicals, Equipment and Reagents. We ensure that whenever you shop for these items you get the best. Make your order today and we shall ensure quality and timely delively.

Our performance past and present has proved that we adhere to our core values. We always ensure customer satisfaction because we believe in our customers. We appreciate your partnership because we are here to serve you.

Our location is accessible. We are located within Nairobi metropolitan but we do deliveries everywhere in the country and beyond. We are here to serve you at our best

About the company

PROTON SCIENTIFIC LTD is incorporated in kenya. We are dealers of laboratory chemicals, reagents, laboratory equipment and apparatus, glasswares, soil and water analysis equipment, medical equipment and diagnostic kits, dairy and milk analysis equipment, water treatment chemicals, swimming pool chemicals, scientific and educational equipment, maintenance of laboratory equipment and consultancy in laboratory management systems.

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Auto Chemistry Analyzer

Technical Specifications● System FunctionAutomatic, Random AccessSTAT sample priority, available for all sample positionThroughput: Constant throughput 60 tests/hour (double…. Learn more

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